Doubles by Invitation

Please note that all dates and times are in Japan Standard Time (JST), so please be mindful of this.

▼Tournament Outline
▼Entry Procedure[Pre-registration only]
▼Flow until Match Participation

Tournament Outline

Tournament System

Single Elimination Tournament with a maximum of 16 pairs

Match Format

All matches will be 7-point matches
Clock: 21 minutes & 15 seconds delay


Champion: Invitation to an JBS online title
Runner-up: To be announced


Only those who meet the following criteria are eligible to participate:
1.Founding members of JBS
2.Those who contributed ¥20,000 in sponsorship money or provided sponsorship items equivalent to ¥20,000 by April 19
3.Holders of the JBS Five Major Titles
4."Grandmaster" certified by BMAB (Backgammon Master Awarding Body)

Entry Fee

Free of charge

Entry Procedure[Pre-registration only]

Pairs will be determined in advance for this event.

Registration Period

Participant survey: April 1 (Mon) - April 19 (Fri)
Partner nomination voting: April 20 (Sat) - April 30 (Tue)
Pair announcement: May 2 (Thu)

Registration Procedure

1.Participant Survey
From April 1 (Mon), a "Participant Survey Form" will be sent to eligible participants.
Please respond to it.
If you have not received the email, please contact the organizer.
The list of participants will be posted on the "List of Participants," so please be sure to check it.

2.Partner Nomination Voting

From April 20 (Sat), a "Partner Nomination Voting Form" will be sent to registered participants. Please nominate your partner.
The right to nominate is held in the order of eligibility criteria 1, 2, 3, and 4. Note that nominations between founding members of JBS will only be valid with the consent of the nominee.
*The order of nominations for founding members of JBS will be determined by membership type, and if within the same type, by lottery.
*The order of nominations within criteria 2, 3, and 4 will be determined by lottery.

Flow until Match Participation

Confirmation of Pairs

The announcement will be made on May 2 (Thu) via the dedicated website, so please be sure to check it.

Match Participation

The first round is scheduled to start at 11:00 on May 3 (Fri).
The tournament bracket and match boards will be posted until 10:50, so please come to the designated board by then. Once both players are present, please start the match. After winning a match, please report the result to the event organizer.

Awards Ceremony

The winner will be awarded on May 5 (Sun). Please join us.

The runner-up pair will only have their names announced. For prizes, please contact the event organizer separately.