Japan Open 2024

Please note that all dates and times are in Japan Standard Time (JST), so please be mindful of this.

▼Tournament Outline
▼Entry Procedure [Pre-registration]
▼Entry Procedure [On-site Registration]
▼Flow until Match Participation

Tournament Outline

Tournament System

Double Elimination Swiss Tournament
*Ranking will be determined in the following order:
1.Number of Rounds Proceeded
2.Number of Wins

Match Format

All matches will be 9-point matches
Clock: 18 minutes & 12 seconds delay
All matches are eligible for JBS rating.


Champion: Free invitation to the 53rd Japan Championship (& to be confirmed)
Runner-up: (to be confirmed)
3rd and 4th Place: (to be confirmed)


Only JBS members can participate.
*If you wish to join, please apply through the "JBS Membership Application".

Entry Fee

Pre-registration (card payment): ¥20,800
*Includes a 4% card transaction fee.

On-site registration (cash payment): ¥25,000

BMAB Grand Masters will receive a 50% discount off the above fees.

Entry Procedure [Pre-registration]

Pre-registration offers discounted fees. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

Registration Period

From April 1st (Mon) to April 30th (Tue)
Online (Through this website)

Entry Procedure

Please complete both "1. Application for Participation" and "2. Payment of Entry Fee".
Please note that if both steps are not completed, the pre-registration will be considered invalid.

1.Application for Participation
From April 1st (Mon), please proceed to the "Application for Participation" reception page via the announcement posted on the top page of the dedicated website.
Enter the email address registered with JBS membership and follow the entry procedures from the email you receive.

2.Payment of Entry Fee
・Card Payment
Please make the payment through the following gateway.
Enter the email address registered with JBS membership.
▶BMAB Grand Masters
▶Regular Members

3.Confirmation of Pre-registration Completion
Upon confirmation by the management administrator that pre-registration has been successfully completed, your name will be listed on the "List of Participants".
Please make sure to check this list.
Pre-registered participants do not need to register on the day of the event.

Entry Procedure [On-site Registration]

Registration Period

May 3rd (Fri): 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM
At the "BACKGAMMON FESTIVAL" general reception desk

Entry Procedure

Fill out the application form with your "Name," "JBS Membership Type," and "Presence of GMAB Title (G3 or higher)."
Please pay the designated entry fee in cash only.

Flow until Match Participation

Confirmation of Eligibility for Participation

After completing the application, your name will be listed in the "List of Participants".
Please make sure to check it.
If your name is not listed, please contact the management administrator as your entry may not be complete.

Match Participation

ROUND 1 is scheduled to start at 17:30 on May 3rd (Fri). Prior to this, an opening ceremony will be held at 17:20. The match schedule and boards will be posted until 17:00, so please arrive at the designated board by 17:20.

After the ceremony, ROUND 1 matches will begin upon the signal from the management administrator. For ROUND 2 onwards, please start the match as soon as both players are ready. Winners of the match, please report the results to the management administrator.

Awards Ceremony

Participants who place 4th or higher will be honored at the awards ceremony on May 5th (Sun).
We hope you can attend.