World Championship Challenge

Please note that all dates and times are in Japan Standard Time (JST), so please be mindful of this.

▼Tournament Outline
▼Entry Procedure
▼Flow until Match Participation

Tournament Outline

Tournament System

Single Elimination Tournament limited to 16 players

Match Format

All matches will be 9-point matches
Clock: 18 minutes & 12 seconds delay
All matches are eligible for JBS rating.


Winner: ¥500,000 (Contributed by Kenji Shimohira and Hiroshi Tanaka)
*Participation in the "World Championship 2024" is a requirement.
*Presentation will be made after the "Backgammon World Championship 2024" concludes, therefore, participants will need to cover their own expenses, including travel costs.


Only JBS members can participate.
*If you wish to join, please apply through the "JBS Membership Application".

Entry Fee


Entry Procedure

Registration Period and Location

Those wishing to participate should complete both provisional registration and final registration.

・Provisional Registration (Entry Registration)
From April 19 (Fri) 19:00 to May 4 (Sat) 15:00 Conducted online (via the dedicated website)

・Final Registration (Payment of Entry Fee)
May 4 (Sat) 10:00 to 15:00 Conducted at the "BACKGAMMON FESTIVAL" comprehensive reception desk

Registration Procedure

Please complete both "1. Application for Participation" and "2. Payment of Entry Fee".
Please note that if both steps are not completed, the pre-registration will be considered invalid.

1.Provisional Registration
Please proceed to the reception page from the announcement posted on the top page of the dedicated website from 19:00 on April 19 (Friday).
Submit your email address registered with JBS, and provisional registration will be completed upon entry via the reception form.

2.Confirmation of Participants
Based on provisional registrations, the list of prospective participants will be compiled in the following order.
The list will be posted on the "List of Participants", so please be sure to check it if you have completed provisional registration.
[Order of Prospective Participants]
1/ Satellite Tournament Winners (in order of determination)
*For details regarding the satellite tournament, please refer to "せかチャレサテライト開催!".
2/ Participants who completed the ¥20,000 entry (first come, first served)

3.Final Registration
Please pay the participation fee at the comprehensive reception desk of the "BACKGAMMON FESTIVAL" venue by 15:00 on May 4 (Sat). Final registration will be completed upon payment.

Flow until Match Participation

Confirmation of Eligibility for Participation

After the completion of ROUND 6 of the "Japan Open 2024", the top 16 participants in the list of prospective participants will be confirmed as participants.
A tournament bracket will be posted at the "BACKGAMMON FESTIVAL", so please be sure to check if you are a participant. ※ Participants who advanced to ROUND 7 of the "Japan Open 2024" and those who have not completed final registration (not paid the participation fee) will be automatically excluded from the list of prospective participants.
*Participants who did not become confirmed participants will be refunded, so please come to the comprehensive reception desk.

Match Participation

The first round will start at 19:00 on May 4 (Sat).
The tournament bracket and match boards will be posted until 18:50, so please come to the designated board by then.

Once both players are present, please start the match.
After winning a match, please report the result to the event organizer.

Awards Ceremony

The winner will be awarded on May 5 (Sun). Please join us.